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November 1, 2009

Yet another post!!

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I have been missing almost ten months now. 🙂 I should wait for two more month to make a record of not writing blog for a year? Right after I joined the new team at work, i have been busy. It would be a lie if I say i did not have time to write blog.

Recently my friend had suggested me a book called “Nilamellam Ratham” by p.Ragavan, this book is really appreciable. This book is about the history of palastin-Israle problem since from Roman’s time to till today. The important point is that he did not write his opinion alone, rather he wrote it as facts. At the end he had summarized all the events was nice. I coulnt stop reading once I started.  Now reading another book called “Vantharkal Venrarkal” by the cartoonist Madhan. This is again a blood report of the North India till to British time. Right now I am on the TajMahal’s history. Poor Shajahan didnt get his dream of a black TajMahal which is ignored by his son. The one thing I couldnt forget is “Feros Tuklak’s” Minister “Khan Jagan Magbul”, he is a very talented guy.  He had habit of collecting  beautiful girls around the world. He had collected 2000 girls. :O He must be a guy with a lot of taste and enormous testosterone 😉

Apart from that there is one more blog which attracted my attention.  He is writing lot of about the tamil Literature and historical events of India and mostly Tamil Nadu. I think he and his friends make visits to those historical places sometime. I would be happy If I can join them next time.

Today woke up at 5 in the morning and gone for a ride alone. It is about 25km. My target was to meet Mr.Hanuman. Hanuman temple is in the TCpalya village. I drew a map around. But when I am almost there i lost the path. There was new paved road just before my route. I just jumped on it. But that lead to me a graveyard. :). Death and evil is always more facinating than the good and god. Later I was sure I am lost. But I had taken a printed map along with me. But I couldnt  figure out, because I could not beleive that google maps actually show up the sand roads where no one lives. So i thought the paths shown in the map is someother different route. Latter I decided to do the military rule of “Burn the map” and follow the instinct. I could a hear loud speakers of a temple from long distance. I followed it up and after passing few rough roads it connected me to Hanuman Temple. There after everything was smooth.  Since I was navigating myself and felt like lost, forgot to take snaps. Next time!!. It was short ride though. But its perfectly fine.


January 27, 2009

live dance programs chemistry

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Every live dance program starts from sun tv’s “manada mayilada” to AXN”s “you think you can dance”, every judge never forgets to say that the chemistry was good. Isn’t that the physiological factor that they are talking about? Why they are calling it as chemistry. Or is it that Androgen/Testosterone that they are talking about. What about botony, zoology then?

December 27, 2008

Christmas Holiday

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  • Solved Rubix cube
  • Could solve the rubic cube. Dont know what method its. Right now taking lot of time to solve. 
    I guess i will end up breaking my cube some time, still need to practice for the nice movement.
    Look at my solved cubes, :)
  • Finished reading Veronika Decided To Die
  • After reading The Alchemist, johnny suggest this one. This is indeed good. I liked it.
    The whole story was moving inside villete. "Every one is mad, the one whos not mad is
    whos not showing others that he/she is mad" is nice. Inspiring book. So, What next?
    Rich dad Poor dad? or Seven Ancient Wonders?
  • Watching TV a lot
  • Children of Heaven movie is cute, slow movie though.

And Advanced Happy new Year.

September 17, 2008

Back to Normal

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After more than a month things are back to Normal.

  • Shifted my house. Near to my office, walkable distance, it gives me a kind of my college experience where techpark is like departments and classrooms and my home and near by places are a like hostels and the DRDO township is like staff quarters.:)
  • Johnny completed his course on July itself. If he had been sincere so far now he should be able to indentify the famous tamil actor and actress atleast. Right now me and Nikanth share the house.
  • As usual Airtel slot is overloaded. Back to same reliance wi-max 400kbps. Just one block away Reliance have their tower. Hoping there wont be much of problem.
  • Local cable signal is extremely good. Watching my favorite channel sun-music all the time. If sun network dedicate K tv for comedy and sun music for songs around 9:30-11:30 PM it will be good. Me is lacking of music during that time.

July 11, 2008

To Uttranchal

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Leaving to Uttranchal in few hours for a vacation, BadBoyz get together. This is my first time North side trip too. First time going to the new bangalore Airport. It looks like catching the flight in bangalore is more than half day work now.

March 23, 2008

Brainshare week

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Made my first trip to Brainshare, in SLC. Things went well. Customers partners and issues, requests, satisfication, queries and many more. I had given a talk in BrainShare on DNS/DHCP on OES2 linux, the new features and migration. There were two sessions. I guess in the first session many ppl find it difficult in my indian accent. I could correct that to some extend in my second sessions but still I guess it was difficult.

Had a chance to attend the Hack week demo from the middle. Srini, calvin, Brady’s,.. demo was amazing. The sharing of tasks, notes using giver and evolution meeting setup and openoffice animations all seems to me great stuff. The session was started before I go, so dont know how much i missed it.

Hope this week I get chance to work with NCP and DST folks closely and get some brain food.

Apart from the work could not get much time. We tried to go Antelope island and ofcourse nothing to see much and the to SLC temple, again we cant enter but we could get into assembly hall and other buildings. I met sister low in the assembly hall and the surprising thing is she welcomed me in Tamil. She is basically Malasian and grown up in a tamil family. She showed us the pin drop where with out a mike and speakers you could hear a pin drop sound. Basically to explain the tallent of the mormons civil architects in the earlier.

Moved to provo today or yesterday. Lets see about this week.

(Photos latter)

February 11, 2008

JollyJumper had arrived

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After a long paaause and decisiiiion , finally JollyJumper had arrived on sunday afternoon.

Origin: Dell
Breed: XPs 1530
Saddle: Vista now, very soon opensuse 10.3 too
size: 15.4 inch
Vision: 2 MegaPix
Sensitivity: Could understand the master’s touch
Inteligency: 2Ghz, 2MB cache, T7250, 256 Nvida GetForce
Stomach capacity: 160 gb
Communication: Can talk via wifi, bluetooth
Brain: 2 Gb
Sex: Lucky Luke! You have not told anybody about JollyJumper. It has to be a Mare.

Here it is,
Jollystanding xps1

kalyan: Ok Jolly, welcome home. Dont be sad that you are dirty white.
kalyan: /me will color you to clean black.

jolly xps2

Jolly: Uha!! black? Ok your wish..

Kalyan: ….I am a poor lonesome cowboy and a long way to go….

January 10, 2008

Beating the Alarm

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Since my room mate prakash left to chennai for his carrier and Jony left to Australia for a trip, home is very silent. I become little discipline it seems. Home is very clean and collected all the cloths from laundry. Fixed the TV remote, fixed the remote infrared headphone which was given for OES 2 release. Come home around 10 after finishing the dinner and watch TV or browse for two hours and sleep. I set the alarm at 8:30 and mostly woke up at 8:28 and get ready for office come back home. Things are usual and boring. Leaving to my home town in Tuesday for Pongal and coming back on Thursday.

Professional life is going good. I did not posted any message related to my new project move. Yes, I moved to the another project NCP, I have not moved actually, I work on DHCP&DNS too. NCP takes more time now. Though we cant commit anything to synergy right now, and I waste my time merging patches from others. Thought I would put up git temporarily. Right now it is doing the job great. Need to learn from experience.

Experience with git:

I got a doc from kernel.org and nothing more so far and some reading on wiki thats all. I wanted to keep the research with me and dont want to influence much on others. My team partner was used to CVS and hesitated to use git so I configured his system for use. He could not believe that I had configured something. He had asked me “Seems you know it well, so how long you are used to this”. My answer was “few hours”. :-). It is that simple and smart.

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

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After the Mumbai trip, had a chance to go to home. Novell had announced a shutdown for four days.  Good for me, home food, sleep, TV, Movie  and sleep all the remaining time. Unfortunately Jan 1st is the working day. I planned to return and not to take leave and I need to take more leaves on this month itself.  But I decided not to spend the new year in the travel, so did a day time travel. But still I thought I am going be late for just few mins or seconds for the new year. I was sad but luckily I got down at banaglore at 11:55, people started firing crackers for the new year. I felt like my arrival is being celebrated at bangalore. 😉 hehe I should be happy. Had called up few of my friends and slept alone thats all.

I do not want the ERC> prompt. It actually confuses, because every channel buffer has the same prompt. Either remove it and keep a simple “>” mark like rcirc or make like #emacs>,  #dns> depend on the channel name. This following code actually helps

(setq erc-prompt (lambda ()
(if (and (boundp ‘erc-default-recipients) (erc-default-target))
(erc-propertize (concat (erc-default-target) “>”) ‘read-only t ‘rear-nonsticky t ‘front-nonsticky t)
(erc-propertize (concat “>”) ‘read-only t ‘rear-nonsticky t ‘front-nonsticky t))))

December 27, 2007

Returned from North

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After a long breath, I am back again. Last week end during the Christmas went to Mumbai. Great city, it has everything. Seen may places, India Gate, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, BandStand ;-), Malls (InOrbit, Infinity), Church Gate, and lot many famous roads, terrific metro trains at its peak time and near by hill station called Mathrean. Memorably this is my first flight travel. I was not so excited about the travel but was little worried about the process like what to check, where to do kind off. But everything was smooth. When the flight started moving first time, I just felt for few seconds this is really going to fly? during the take off for two three seconds, I just had some kind of giddiness. Some ten minutes before the lading I started having pain in my ear drums. Just thought I am going to be deaf. 🙂 But the return travel was good, I did not have any kind of trouble except that I did not get a window seat to see things.

This is first time i ever felt I am out of Tamilnadu. Had a pleasant stay at mumbai. Ofcourse my friend kishore‘s apartment where he lives also named as Pleasant park. During the whole night we played Age Of Empire II. After a long time we played in the network. A four days stay can not make more than this. Lot of places we have not seen, ofcourse they are all left for the next trip hopefully. 😀

Photos are yet to upload, dont know why Motoming does not recognize the photo taken by Canon. Again going down to home today. Will be back to bangalore in New year. Today is the last working day in 2007, last day in 2007 in bangalore, last day for my room mate prakash in bangalore. Everything is last now. Good bye 2007. Thanks for the all the things that you have given to us.

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