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March 23, 2008

Brainshare week

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Made my first trip to Brainshare, in SLC. Things went well. Customers partners and issues, requests, satisfication, queries and many more. I had given a talk in BrainShare on DNS/DHCP on OES2 linux, the new features and migration. There were two sessions. I guess in the first session many ppl find it difficult in my indian accent. I could correct that to some extend in my second sessions but still I guess it was difficult.

Had a chance to attend the Hack week demo from the middle. Srini, calvin, Brady’s,.. demo was amazing. The sharing of tasks, notes using giver and evolution meeting setup and openoffice animations all seems to me great stuff. The session was started before I go, so dont know how much i missed it.

Hope this week I get chance to work with NCP and DST folks closely and get some brain food.

Apart from the work could not get much time. We tried to go Antelope island and ofcourse nothing to see much and the to SLC temple, again we cant enter but we could get into assembly hall and other buildings. I met sister low in the assembly hall and the surprising thing is she welcomed me in Tamil. She is basically Malasian and grown up in a tamil family. She showed us the pin drop where with out a mike and speakers you could hear a pin drop sound. Basically to explain the tallent of the mormons civil architects in the earlier.

Moved to provo today or yesterday. Lets see about this week.

(Photos latter)


October 9, 2007

dhcp-ldap patch temporarily not available

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The link for the project dhcp-ldap integration which i had mention in my previous page (http://home.ntelos.net/~masneyb/dhcp-3.0.5-ldap-patch) is temporarily not available due to Brian’s personal reason. I had requested him to provide a new link in some other public server.

Till then hold on. If anybody is interested i can generate the whole patch and give you.

Hope I will get a reply from him soon.

It is back again here

April 9, 2007

failover support for dhcp

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Was feeling bored little and wrote off the failover support piece for the dhcp. That is available in here . I have not done much of testing. Since it reads the configuration  and convert back to the expected conf file format i think i dont need to test the whole failover . But still i will test all the failover possibilities atleast once. But not now. Still the perl script is bending, will do it in some other day.

April 4, 2007

syslog-ng with dhcp

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It is been long time i looked at the log files methods. I had written an article earlier for logging the dhcp messages at separate location. Suddenly i felt syslog daemon itself missing!. I am not updated 😦 Well, now they comes up with syslog-ng. It is really cool, has all the flexibility. The abstract way of doing things, reg exp support and TCP support. I was trying out for logging the dhcp to log in seperate file just for the learning purpose.

You will have to add the following lines in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf [may be at the bottom]

filter f_daemon     { facility(daemon); };
filter f_dhcpd       { match(“dhcpd”); };
destination dhcpmessages { file(“var/log/dhcp.log”); };
log { source(src); filter(f_daemon);  filter(f_dhcpd); destination(dhcpmessages); }; 

By default the dhcp sends out in daemon facility , so i just used it. And /var/log/dhcp.log have to be touched. It may ask some time to have a 640 permission. But what ever works for me. and need to do a syslog restart. Now everything goes fine :).

But if you use pipes instead of file in the destination atleast in SuSE you will have to make sure the apparmor [SELinux in redhat] has the permission to write on the ports. I did not try to configure the profile. I just simply unloaded the apparmor and tried it that works.

March 17, 2007

Wrote something of DHCP with LDAP

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I am being so lazy, was thinking of writing this so long back. This three days of holiday making be bored and pushing forward to write it down. I think the article is good enough.

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