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November 1, 2009

Yet another post!!

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I have been missing almost ten months now. 🙂 I should wait for two more month to make a record of not writing blog for a year? Right after I joined the new team at work, i have been busy. It would be a lie if I say i did not have time to write blog.

Recently my friend had suggested me a book called “Nilamellam Ratham” by p.Ragavan, this book is really appreciable. This book is about the history of palastin-Israle problem since from Roman’s time to till today. The important point is that he did not write his opinion alone, rather he wrote it as facts. At the end he had summarized all the events was nice. I coulnt stop reading once I started.  Now reading another book called “Vantharkal Venrarkal” by the cartoonist Madhan. This is again a blood report of the North India till to British time. Right now I am on the TajMahal’s history. Poor Shajahan didnt get his dream of a black TajMahal which is ignored by his son. The one thing I couldnt forget is “Feros Tuklak’s” Minister “Khan Jagan Magbul”, he is a very talented guy.  He had habit of collecting  beautiful girls around the world. He had collected 2000 girls. :O He must be a guy with a lot of taste and enormous testosterone 😉

Apart from that there is one more blog which attracted my attention.  He is writing lot of about the tamil Literature and historical events of India and mostly Tamil Nadu. I think he and his friends make visits to those historical places sometime. I would be happy If I can join them next time.

Today woke up at 5 in the morning and gone for a ride alone. It is about 25km. My target was to meet Mr.Hanuman. Hanuman temple is in the TCpalya village. I drew a map around. But when I am almost there i lost the path. There was new paved road just before my route. I just jumped on it. But that lead to me a graveyard. :). Death and evil is always more facinating than the good and god. Later I was sure I am lost. But I had taken a printed map along with me. But I couldnt  figure out, because I could not beleive that google maps actually show up the sand roads where no one lives. So i thought the paths shown in the map is someother different route. Latter I decided to do the military rule of “Burn the map” and follow the instinct. I could a hear loud speakers of a temple from long distance. I followed it up and after passing few rough roads it connected me to Hanuman Temple. There after everything was smooth.  Since I was navigating myself and felt like lost, forgot to take snaps. Next time!!. It was short ride though. But its perfectly fine.


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