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September 17, 2008

Back to Normal

Filed under: life — skalyanasundaram @ 6:45 pm

After more than a month things are back to Normal.

  • Shifted my house. Near to my office, walkable distance, it gives me a kind of my college experience where techpark is like departments and classrooms and my home and near by places are a like hostels and the DRDO township is like staff quarters.:)
  • Johnny completed his course on July itself. If he had been sincere so far now he should be able to indentify the famous tamil actor and actress atleast. Right now me and Nikanth share the house.
  • As usual Airtel slot is overloaded. Back to same reliance wi-max 400kbps. Just one block away Reliance have their tower. Hoping there wont be much of problem.
  • Local cable signal is extremely good. Watching my favorite channel sun-music all the time. If sun network dedicate K tv for comedy and sun music for songs around 9:30-11:30 PM it will be good. Me is lacking of music during that time.

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