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February 11, 2008

JollyJumper had arrived

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After a long paaause and decisiiiion , finally JollyJumper had arrived on sunday afternoon.

Origin: Dell
Breed: XPs 1530
Saddle: Vista now, very soon opensuse 10.3 too
size: 15.4 inch
Vision: 2 MegaPix
Sensitivity: Could understand the master’s touch
Inteligency: 2Ghz, 2MB cache, T7250, 256 Nvida GetForce
Stomach capacity: 160 gb
Communication: Can talk via wifi, bluetooth
Brain: 2 Gb
Sex: Lucky Luke! You have not told anybody about JollyJumper. It has to be a Mare.

Here it is,
Jollystanding xps1

kalyan: Ok Jolly, welcome home. Dont be sad that you are dirty white.
kalyan: /me will color you to clean black.

jolly xps2

Jolly: Uha!! black? Ok your wish..

Kalyan: ….I am a poor lonesome cowboy and a long way to go….


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