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January 10, 2008

Beating the Alarm

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Since my room mate prakash left to chennai for his carrier and Jony left to Australia for a trip, home is very silent. I become little discipline it seems. Home is very clean and collected all the cloths from laundry. Fixed the TV remote, fixed the remote infrared headphone which was given for OES 2 release. Come home around 10 after finishing the dinner and watch TV or browse for two hours and sleep. I set the alarm at 8:30 and mostly woke up at 8:28 and get ready for office come back home. Things are usual and boring. Leaving to my home town in Tuesday for Pongal and coming back on Thursday.

Professional life is going good. I did not posted any message related to my new project move. Yes, I moved to the another project NCP, I have not moved actually, I work on DHCP&DNS too. NCP takes more time now. Though we cant commit anything to synergy right now, and I waste my time merging patches from others. Thought I would put up git temporarily. Right now it is doing the job great. Need to learn from experience.

Experience with git:

I got a doc from kernel.org and nothing more so far and some reading on wiki thats all. I wanted to keep the research with me and dont want to influence much on others. My team partner was used to CVS and hesitated to use git so I configured his system for use. He could not believe that I had configured something. He had asked me “Seems you know it well, so how long you are used to this”. My answer was “few hours”. :-). It is that simple and smart.



  1. Are you saying, you were not disiplined coz of jony & prakash?
    BTW are you shifting nearer to BTP

    Comment by Nikanth — February 1, 2008 @ 6:18 am

  2. hehe not exactly.. if they are there they will atleast do some cleaning work in the worst case. When nobody is there I have to have to do that..

    Not sure we will have a trial travel for some days and then shift. What about u?

    Comment by skalyanasundaram — February 1, 2008 @ 7:10 am

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