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October 11, 2007


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I came across of this gmailfs while crawling for fuse related stuff. It is a very (beautiful && (useful for the required ppl)). A normal gmail user might not want this. It is very useful for the file transfers. For file transfer we do attach the file in the mail and save it as a draft atleast i did and this gmailfs also does the same. But it is basically a file system. It does more than that

I dont need to bring my pen drive to take copy of my docs from office to my home. I can simply do cp myfiles ~/gmailfsfolder and in home I can do cp ~/gmailfsfolder MyFolder. Thats all. Isnt useful. But the only problem is you have keep your gmail password in the conf file as plain text.

How i configured gmailfs for my account is here


October 9, 2007

dhcp-ldap patch temporarily not available

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The link for the project dhcp-ldap integration which i had mention in my previous page (http://home.ntelos.net/~masneyb/dhcp-3.0.5-ldap-patch) is temporarily not available due to Brian’s personal reason. I had requested him to provide a new link in some other public server.

Till then hold on. If anybody is interested i can generate the whole patch and give you.

Hope I will get a reply from him soon.

It is back again here

Wake up!!!!

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Yes. It is been exactly 4 months before i have blogged. Nothing specific. Just lazy and few technical problems at home. This post is just to wake up myself. I guess net connection at home will be fixed soon and I will be active. Lot of things had happened in this four month.

Just last week thats 6th and 7th of this month I went for a picnic to coorg with my colleagues. It was very good place to stay and take rest. Especially if you are going with your partner. We did not get a place to trek and not much places to see. But it was pleasant. I had uploaded the moments here

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