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May 25, 2007

New Google features over inbox.com

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I have been using inbox.com since from 2005. My friends were saying hey google introduced 20mb attachment that time i did not noticed the google new feature announcement. But i was not surprised by this announcement because i already knew inbox.com was doing this from long back. And again there were lot many features was released well by inbox.com which is google is trying now. But inbox.com has little drawbacks. The first thing comes to my mind is it does not automatically update the mail as it arrives. 😦 There were small small things. Do not come to a conclusion these basic feature of google is missing in inbox.com as a compensation they have lot more additional feature i think probably they forget these small small things.

Ok lets see feature wise.

Increased attachment limit – 20 MB!

I feel nothing great because inbox allows the 20 MB size attachment since it started. See the green mark in the below photograph


I was wondering at that time even google does not support this much size then whom would i sent a mail with such big attachment. Very few of my friends had inbox account.

It’s a Gmail party and everyone is invited!

Long time back gmail require invitation to add. Inbox also had the same. you need to have invitation to create the account. But inbox taken step in the other side now. You need to give your credit card information. It is just verify you are not a spammer who creating the account for some other beneficial. They will scratch 0.1$ from your account and your mobile number required. Too many restriction!!. Earlier it was not the situation. It was cool it asked me my mobile number. I gave James bond’s number (00000-0000). Now it becomes very strict. But now google is walking in the other side. It gives away to everybody. There is no point int that because everybody almost have gmail. You can see that in orkut network. Everybody is linked so everybody has the account.

Get mail from other accounts

Again it is not some great feature from google. I have seen it long back in inbox.com. See the screenshot , See the External POP3 accounts

Customized From:address

Which is again google said it now but look at the Your “From” address in the above picture. isnt cool?

Reply on top

Google says as the following ,

Inbox also says the same for every message at the bottom.

Embarassment-reducing new message notifications

This feature is not really available with inbox. 😦 When composing a mail reply in the mean time if somebody sends out a reply we can see them and update in the mail thread before we send a mail. This is really missing feature at inbox

Forward all

Google and inbox support from the begining


Forget this in inbox this is not made for that 😦

Lets see what else provided by inbox.com. See the attachment which shows the header section of the available feature

We have Email , contact, organized a calender program, Notes, Storage section to store anything, photo album maintainer.All together. We will take one by one and see what inbox provides and what google provides.


Inbox support folders to manager your mails. Ok, it is older method. But it now introduced with label supports. See the below

But it displays only the color and not the name. If you look at the gmail it displays the name thats good. But they work as same as others even in the speed wise.

Then i would take the starred message. again google and inbox says

<==google Inbox==>


Nothing much almost same. But i feel inbox has some real desktop application touch.


No body can beat google in this. Inbox all the feature notification bday reminder but it does not have in-place editor. But google does that a popup will be opened up there for adding and edit there itself and save there itself. Cool feature.


Notes is the yet another feature from inbox introduced long back. See the attachement

It has the classification corresponding to color. I think there is somebody in inbox who loves the color classification. But that is not common for all they should understand. Labels, notes are classified by colors. You may ask google provide browser extension where i can add them easily. But inbox provides better solution, a real stick notes kind of stuff will be displayed like knotes and tomboy at linux and you can happily edit them it will sync with server. But it works only with windows. I have asked long back regarding this. Just got an auto responder message that we will do it. 😦


Long time back i heared google disk coming, what happened to that? I thought google is developing something similar to this storage. Well in this storage you can store all your stuff and browse as a normal folder. See the figure

The advantage is you can mirror them in to your local folder. Then your local folder acts like a inbox storage folder. It is as like as iFolder and for windows users it is something like briefcase.


I was trying to upload some few pictures in picasa. I was wondering google allows to add only 5 photos at a time. But that is not the case at inbox. If you upload photos at sync folder forget about everything, even it is 1GB just copy paste or drag and drop and leave it and it is faster than web upload.

Inbox also

Supports 2GB space

Shows status message

[Optional]Thread look of mails

Attach images files from storage

and some more feature. But still google rocks. So finally you should not do everything at a single time and deliver to the user. You should write only two feature and that should be perfect easy and simple and the users when get addicted to that release next feature or update on the same feature. You get a hit.

I generally use gmail for regular access because my friends mails will be floting around, 5-50 mails per day. Sometime it goes like mail chat. And i use inbox for photo album purpose earlier i used notes but not now and subscribed to few mailing list too. But one thing i was wondering is that there is no ad in inbox.com not even a text ad. Dont know from where they are earning.

As a end user i am happy by having both.


May 24, 2007

Windows live space.

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I dont know since when windows started this blogging space. But i have observed it today only. Tried out my name there http://skalyanasundaram.spaces.live.com//blog/ I dont like the banner ad. But I feel really comfortable in wordpress. Live space is not giving a feel of complete blog. It contains the photo section, book list section inboxs and many more.

Ofcourse Karak has to be loyal to his company so there is no way. He cant stick to google’s blogger anymore.

May 23, 2007

Using Thunderbird instead of evolution

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I generally keep changing things. Desktop place, Window manager , applications…

So this time i have tried out thunderbird as a replacement for evolution

It looks pretty in some feature but not in every aspects.

The features i like

  1. Each account is maintained separately, the mails which are not falling through any filter sits in inbox of that account. But in case of evolution it is different. There will a common inbox there all unfiltered messages will go which i dont like to organize them manually.
  2. The second damn thing i like is themes. Evolution cant support this feature. Look at my vista look at linux 😉 thunderbird-vista
    Just for a change. I can show up to my windows friends. 😉 The firefox users feel more comfortable with this theming feature it is as same as firefox
  3. The third feature i like is add-ons. There are lot as usual . The add-ons i am using is
    • Talk back — http://talkback.mozilla.org/
    • Splash screen — Just show splash screen fully customizable even the image , text , color, font(http://splash.mozdev.org/)
    • Signature switch – If you have multiple signature you can add them. (http://mozext.achimonline.de/)
    • Provider for google calender atthunderbird (http://mozilla.kewis.ch/) It works really. 🙂 I think there is small bug it always set thing one hour late. Yes it uses the xml address (ORANGE one). But in evolution it uses the ICL address (GREEN one). But after adding up the address in evolution it gives read only calender. Not sure it is bug or some configuration. I have clearly checked it.
    • Gmail UI — to provide gmail effect like archiving and searching. I think it works with small bugs. Not using much. I always want my mails to be classified. Not interested to put everything in a single archive folder.
    • Contact side bar – this is another good addon. I liked it. Shows the address book in the left pane. Quick add when a new mail is sent.
    • Filters i like it. Filters are associated with the account and they are not global like evolution. In evolution many times i had this problem of missing of mails. It just goes to some other folder due to the misconfiguration of filters.
  4. The other feature i like is lightening . Yes a calender program. Ofcourse u can configure with sunbird as a separately application. But who wants to maintain one more application. So lightening comes handy , it is a add-on on thunderbird. It works well i guess. I have not faced any problem. I have configured google calender and worked with it.
  5. Display mails as thread. It shows a tree view with a vertical dot view. That looks nice. Eyes just need to follow the link when the thread is too big. But in evolution there is nothing provided. Only arrow button to show it has child mails and indentation is maintained which i felt little difficult.

As of now i have not configured IMAP on both the mail client. So let it be with my groupwise.

The feature which i dont like or which i feel missing in thunderbird comparing to evolution

  1. Task maintenance is missing out in thundebird which evolution provides perfectly.
  2. Online LDAP servers can be used. ( i think it is available in thunderbird also)
  3. Integration with gaim accounts and system calender. I have just said in evolution sync with gaim. It is done simply. The task i can and appointments i can see in my gnome calender. It is just cool. Thunderbird has to add these feature
  4. Evolution can export the address book vcard format or as csv (evolution-addressbook-export –format=csv >contact_list.cvs
    ). There should be ldif format supported. But i felt difficult converting them to thunderbird. Thunderbird was showing some field matching for exported CVS formated address book that mostly goes bad. Somhow from google i exported the CVS file and that mostly worked except for few contacts
  5. When i send a mail evolution does it silently. It first keep it in outbox and send it in the background. But thunderbird keep running in front. There will be progress bar running and showing connected to this outgoing server and sending. Which need to be done at the back. (Does any setting available for that, i guess i have not missed it out)
  6. It will have more support on groupwise accounts probably (I have never tried it but seen ppl using it like johnny) because groupwise and evolution is supported by Novell and i am an employee of Novell 🙂
  7. Finally evolution looks native. 🙂 may be used to be it.

Lets see. For now i am using thunderbird. Heared some new features are coming out in the lattest build (labeling like gmail, layout changing which already in thunderbird. I like the task management and contact detail syncing feature from evolution. I will switch back to evolution after some time when i feel i need a change or when some attractive feature available which ever comes first

May 21, 2007

Browsing net at emacs with w3m

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I thought should try out w3m support at emacs. Ok it looks good but not up to the expectation.

See the search result of tajmahal. Ofcourse it looks better but it does not support the CSS which is almost used by all the web site nowadays. Javascript support is not available. I think there are some alpha packages which tries these things.


My wordpress blog. The columns which are in right hand side gone down. 😦


After using firefox and with its great addons support no one will think of using emacs for browsing.

May 18, 2007

Jonny got his reservation

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Jonny almost got his reservation in my room. My room mate moving to north Carolina for his carrier. Hopefully with in 8 weeks and one week less or more. But if Johny decides to stay in my room life will be difficult for him. Because he is going to stay with two pure tamilians 🙂 My beating quota will get increase on him and so on.
Lets see how he runs away.  😉

May 15, 2007

Speaking through nose

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Getting affected by cold. Not so bad. But still is troubling. The reason may be the visit i have made last week to chennai. But for 3 days i was ok.oops chennai is too hot could not bear it.(even me) .  Got a new pair of dress from chennai, would be wearing it tomorrow.  🙂

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