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April 13, 2007

Happy B’day

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Finished my 24. 🙂 .

It was 12’o clock. enough creamy


Sprite shower bath.




April 9, 2007

failover support for dhcp

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Was feeling bored little and wrote off the failover support piece for the dhcp. That is available in here . I have not done much of testing. Since it reads the configuration  and convert back to the expected conf file format i think i dont need to test the whole failover . But still i will test all the failover possibilities atleast once. But not now. Still the perl script is bending, will do it in some other day.

April 4, 2007

syslog-ng with dhcp

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It is been long time i looked at the log files methods. I had written an article earlier for logging the dhcp messages at separate location. Suddenly i felt syslog daemon itself missing!. I am not updated 😦 Well, now they comes up with syslog-ng. It is really cool, has all the flexibility. The abstract way of doing things, reg exp support and TCP support. I was trying out for logging the dhcp to log in seperate file just for the learning purpose.

You will have to add the following lines in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf [may be at the bottom]

filter f_daemon     { facility(daemon); };
filter f_dhcpd       { match(“dhcpd”); };
destination dhcpmessages { file(“var/log/dhcp.log”); };
log { source(src); filter(f_daemon);  filter(f_dhcpd); destination(dhcpmessages); }; 

By default the dhcp sends out in daemon facility , so i just used it. And /var/log/dhcp.log have to be touched. It may ask some time to have a 640 permission. But what ever works for me. and need to do a syslog restart. Now everything goes fine :).

But if you use pipes instead of file in the destination atleast in SuSE you will have to make sure the apparmor [SELinux in redhat] has the permission to write on the ports. I did not try to configure the profile. I just simply unloaded the apparmor and tried it that works.

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