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March 21, 2007

Collecting Hello World

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Hey dude! What is your hobby? Me! yep, i have lots of interest. I collect stamps you know! thats pretty cool. Hey i collect old coins. I collect that I collect this. From where all these guys have come up. How come i have nothing. BTW, What is the use of it? Nobody cares. I too maintained a stamp collection. Frankly it was not mine. It was my fathers. It is not because he has serious interest. It is because my grand father worked abroad. SriLanka, Mianmar. So from there from his mails got so many stamps and me and my bro was maintaining it for some time. Now we have got enough book worms for that and nothing else.

Well, finally i was thinking after all a computer programmer how he would express in his own way. I end up saying collecting “Hello World” in all the languages, packages whichever i have come across or i have known. Hello world is not that silly. It is the first rung of every ladder. Isn’t really cool. Who cares I am gonna do that slowly. You may interested to see the GNU humor collection.


March 19, 2007

New Open Source Model

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This is all about linux distros and sharing them with each other. It is not merging of distros . Well, we all know the open source. If you do something give back to the community. The new model would say you would give to us and to my competitor as well. Say for example, the users  are shifting from Ubuntu to SuSE because they liked the feature Yast, a common control center. Users are shifting from SuSE to Ubuntu since because its installation is easy to use and does not irritate saying dependency failed. Fine, now SuSE says to Ubuntu hey i would help you to add yast feature in your distro and in the other way Ubuntu folk says fine i would help you integrating the installation feature in SuSE. This is simply great. Kind of building a single Linux. As of now Wolvix and Ultima  are doing that. I feel like choosing All Tech in Age of Empires.  You would fine the complete story here.

Windows partition does not show up.

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I can’t use my comp at home with out music. I generally store the songs at windows partition and mount them and use amarok to play. Damn, something bad happened to my linux box. It is not able to mount it. Even the partition shows Linux native rather than the ntfs or fat. I could not find it. Even my linux box had several other problems. My tomboy does not start up my clock always shows wrong time even if i change. I have to do something about that. So i am switching back to windows for normal browsing. I could see my room mate had installed so many software in that :O . He is the admin of the windows. I have to ask him if i want to do something on it. Atleast i should find a VPN client on windows first of all.

March 17, 2007

Wrote something of DHCP with LDAP

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I am being so lazy, was thinking of writing this so long back. This three days of holiday making be bored and pushing forward to write it down. I think the article is good enough.

March 12, 2007

Got Mottai

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Finally got mottai. This is the second mottai with in the gap of one year. I am not posting any pics 😉 Have to manage for one week with the shining head. Afterwards it will be ok hopefully.

March 7, 2007

Keep changing

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It is been a long time almost a month i have posted something. Let me change the theme. This one looks cool to the eyes. Let me be here for some time. I always keep changing the things. I get bored of things sometime. I even keep changing my monitor position. I used to keep change the desktop as well. First i used KDE, then WMAKER then again KDE and GNOME and WMAKER and GNOME with XGL and Enlightenment and now again GNOME without xgl.  I even changed my blog from blogspot to wordpress 😉 Hopefully in the next week i am going to change my appearnce as well by shaving my head.

[Johnny will be happy to poke around my head]

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