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February 9, 2007

fish at konqueror

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I was seriously tired of using scp between my test machines and desktop. I started feeling the i should have some tool like winscp. Fortunatly fish in konqueror comes as a cool feature for me. I am releaved of my head ache.  May be gftp helps. I did not even try that i am getting addicted to konqueror slowly. It has Kompare built in to see the diff files in their file mode which  i was looking already. I can see my amarok list over there. The FSView is really cool but it is very useless [;)] Even some time firefox failes open to ftp sites but konqueror never fails atleast gives an error message. But for the web browsing firefox is my favorite. No one can beat that.

Kalyan catchs fish at Konqueror



February 1, 2007

Hurray!! got internet connection

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Fiannly i have got internet connection at home. Due to the legal issues none of the private verndors are not ready to give any connection to me. Goverment as usual will be working late. At last sify helps me. I am surprised to see that they have well ready for everything to give connection on linux. My SLED co-operates with ethernet but not my windows. Crap! it is not even detected . I dont need it. I am happy with this.

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