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November 29, 2006

FOSS.In 2006

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Foss.in 2006 me

I was there 🙂

Yeh.. Johnny  got us(Me and johnny and srinidhi) from the picture.


November 17, 2006

Various Linux Distributions!

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Oh great!. I never seen such a huge collection of linux distribution. I know quit a few. I was browsing for some thing suddenly i got a huge a list of linux distros. Let me say what are they. They are ubuntulinux.orgSlackwareVector LinuxSLAXLinux MandrakeS.u.S.E. Germany S.u.S.E. USA, openSUSE, Red Hat Linux, Debian, Scientific Linux, userlinux.com, GoboLinux, Ark Linux, Linspire linux, Vietkey Linux, ThizLinux, CentOS linux, Mad Hatter linux, Crux Linux, Yoper, Puppy linux, PHLAK, Local Area Security, Morphix, Devil linux, ALT linux, Xandros, Midori linux, SOT linux, Demo Linux, Black Rhino linux, Libranet, MEPIS linux, Knoppix, Freeduc, Security-enhanced linux, Stampede, MontaVista linux, TurboLinux, winlinux.net, Conectiva, Project Independence, Definite Linux, Plamo linux, Linux Media Lab, Black Lab linux, yellow dog linux, UltraLinux, Jesux, CAEN Linux, Linux from scratch, LNX-BBC. Heh.. how many… i have not checked each website to know that, will do it while in the boaring mood. If you want to get a description over these distribution you can from here

November 9, 2006

xgl-SLED on Touchscreen

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Some of my juniors asked me to show up the vedio of xgl effect. It is very possible to get it from you tube just simply by searching xgl + linux. But still., I liked the following xgl effect with touch screen idea. Thats look cool. So watch it.

and then

Have fun.

November 3, 2006

Got a laptop!

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Due to that crit-sit bug i have got a laptop 🙂 for few days of access 😦 . That too there is some problem in network. So Helpdesk given me the Laptop for few days or until the bug get over or the network problem get resolved. I hope i can keep this until this bug get resolved in that case i pray to god that bug should never get resolved 😉 .

November 2, 2006

My Time Zone got changed

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Due to a crit-sit bug my time zone is changed to provo timings. That is entirly 12 hours different. 😦 . Lets see how this is going. This will go for surly a couple of days or few more.

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