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October 27, 2006

Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux

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It is very clear that oracle’s long term dream is that to become a OS owning company. Oracle released its variation of linux simply “Enterprise Linux 2.0” or “Unbreakable Linux 2.0”. It is very unfair if i say it is their own version of linux. Because they have not done anything other than steeling from RedHat. They simple took the RedHat Linux and changed all TradeMark symbols to their own and released it. They have not done anything technically on linux. A big business move has been made from oracle but not a technical move. This is “Unbearable Linux” surely for the RedHat people. It is like hiting on the back.

Oracle is trying to become an os owing company since long time , i think just to compete with Microsoft. They have no option other than Linux. Because it is free and open. But they are not ready to spend much for this. But still want to acheive their dream. Long back there was a rumour for tie-up of oracle and Ubuntu. The founder of Canonical said on CNET News says

“I don’t think Oracle is going to make large amounts of money selling support for Linux. I don’t think it will ever be a high-margin, high-profit, exciting growth business for them. It’s becoming more and more of a commodity,” Mark Shuttleworth, founder and chief executive of Ubuntu developer Canonical”. The article is here.

Oracle mentioned that they liked CentOs project and wanted to clone RedHat’s Linux. There was a rumour that they are targeting for SuSE too. But SuSe was bought by Novell and if they want SuSE they have to buy the Novell including other product which is not required for them. If that happened it is sure that oracle will cut off all the project from Novell other than SuSE. May be too expensive for them to buy Novell (i guess) and they droped that idea. And now they have announced in their open conference that they will provide support for all RedHat’s customer.

Whomever it is , you have to be paid for the support that you are giving for linux and you dont get any profit other than this support. But for such a big company why cant they take the sources and put the packages together and make their own version of Linux, why to hit on the back of RedHat. There is being something on the back. Either they have a deal with RedHat for something and Slowly they will take over RedHat may be after few months they will anounce that they are buying RedHat or Oracle is really afraid of RedHat because they  might take over oracle 😉 few  months back RedHat had
bought JBoss who is equal competetor for Oracle in Application server side. So Oracle wanted to attack on RedHat business to put them down.

Anyway i liked the penguin logo they made with protecting shield. Look at this pic


Lets play the “wait and see” game for further updates.

An article more about Unbreakable Linux 2.0 is available here.


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