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September 27, 2006

ooops got attention

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Atlast i got the attention of the opensource guy. My work is going to upstreamed smoothly ( i hope so). This is great MiltStone in the team, people says. Lets see how it goes well. What is next after upstreaming?. Million doller question. But companies always find new things to do. It is like make starvation and give food kind of idea. Me too have plan of having dynamic reconfiguration and building lease database. Hope that will come to picture.


September 22, 2006

APJ Abdul Kalam is Using SLED

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Wov! such a great news!! Indian president is using SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop). I have been there in training which is held by Novell. I had met a person from sales having more than 10 years of experience. Wov! great personalities. From him i came to know that APJ Abdul kalam is using SLED and few more Novells prdouct. I would like to see how kalam uses his SLED.

— Your Linux is Ready

Is true and it is proven now.

September 8, 2006

Started Using Evolution

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Since 20 hours i am using evolution mail client. Evolution looks good. I use Groupwise for my official purpose. I have no idea of moving my groupwise account to evolution but other ids i will move. As of now my gmail id has been configured and i think it is working without any trouble.

yup…. i listen songs now

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After a long time i am able to listen songs from HP Machine. Dont know exactly what i have done.

Yesterday my software update was giving some 9 updates, i remember none of that was related to any sound driver.

And i have changed the sound card model value to basic from auto either that update or this values made me happy.

So now my amarok rocks!!!!.. 🙂

But Still my headphone does not work, straigt away sound comes through speakers. I dont bother if others are disturbed  😉

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