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June 10, 2006

Spreading OpenSource

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I am very happy that i have changed one of my friend to use the opensource application (GAIM). Earlier he was using Y! messanger and he does not like some thing on that. He used to ping me on google to chat which exist on the gmail which is even worse. So i said him atleast to use Y! messanger, he agreed and said let me configure the look and feel.
I said him “well! you can try out GAIM which is opensource and there is a version for Windoze too”. ( i never tried on windows). So he was trying and asking me what is the next step. I was guiding him to set up the accounts. When he saw the GAIM first time he was so disappointed. He did not liked it, he tried to minimize the gaim window but it does sit on tray it sat only on task bar. He was complaining how bad is this i gonna switch back to Y! messanger only.

I said him “Linux (or opensource) provides everything but not by default !” I use gaim 2.0 beta version. But for windows only 1.5 is available so it is difficult to guide him online. Somehow made him to choose the corresponding plungin for his gaim. He want to have some spell check feature and want to reduce the opacity of that window (is this feature availble in linux?) and multiple person pings him he was getting irritaed by getting multiple windows in y!. But gaim opens tabs instead of new window. Finally chatted with me for some time.

After all the setup he was so excited and promised me to use gaim then onwards and i requested to spread this to his circle also.


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  1. Whats the fuss over GAIM being Open Source..!!! Well i see no reason why the anyone should switch to Open Source products just because they are open source.
    What features does GAIM provide?
    Is tabbed feature important for IM? Well i think no. since when we are tallking to multiple friends at the same time it helps to be able to look into all the open windows. More over if you have Windows XP and above, all the windows are automatically grouped together, so need not worry about multiple windows on task bar.

    And come on be real, Spell check and Opacity are not the basic features that an IM is supposed to provide.

    Does GAIM has voice or video, calling facility to PSTN phones, Text messaging to mobiles, Document Sharing, Application Sharing, Whiteboard, Great list of smilies, audibles, winks, theme packs, etc. etc. etc.

    Be sure and be happy that you have MSN and Yahoo messengers around, or else IM would be very boring. Its going to take good amount of time before GAIM or any other IM can catch up with already well established IMs like MSN or Y!.

    And for the most important point, is GAIM safe…??? Being opensource, how do you know whatever you talk isn’t monitered. And if you think the same thing applies to MSN and Y! too, there is obviously no chance for that, since they do fear law. Open Source is not bound by any, since it openly says, “any shit happens to your computer, i am not responsible”.

    Comment by karak — June 12, 2006 @ 2:38 pm

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