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June 10, 2006

Spreading OpenSource

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I am very happy that i have changed one of my friend to use the opensource application (GAIM). Earlier he was using Y! messanger and he does not like some thing on that. He used to ping me on google to chat which exist on the gmail which is even worse. So i said him atleast to use Y! messanger, he agreed and said let me configure the look and feel.
I said him “well! you can try out GAIM which is opensource and there is a version for Windoze too”. ( i never tried on windows). So he was trying and asking me what is the next step. I was guiding him to set up the accounts. When he saw the GAIM first time he was so disappointed. He did not liked it, he tried to minimize the gaim window but it does sit on tray it sat only on task bar. He was complaining how bad is this i gonna switch back to Y! messanger only.

I said him “Linux (or opensource) provides everything but not by default !” I use gaim 2.0 beta version. But for windows only 1.5 is available so it is difficult to guide him online. Somehow made him to choose the corresponding plungin for his gaim. He want to have some spell check feature and want to reduce the opacity of that window (is this feature availble in linux?) and multiple person pings him he was getting irritaed by getting multiple windows in y!. But gaim opens tabs instead of new window. Finally chatted with me for some time.

After all the setup he was so excited and promised me to use gaim then onwards and i requested to spread this to his circle also.


June 9, 2006

Novell’s SuSE has been Choosen by China EarthQuake Adminstration

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Novell announced on June 6th that China EarthQuake Administration (CEA) has choosen SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell as its operation platform for CEA’s Digital Earthquake Observation Network.
A CEA offcial is saying
  “Novell and SuSE Linxu are well-established names in the Linuxenvironment in China”
  “We were especially attracted to Novell’s commitment to R&D, the quality of its service and support, and, most importantly, a robust and reliable operation system for mission-critical applications such as our Digital Earthquake Observation Network. We are confident our cooperation with Novell lead the Chinese goverment to serve its citizens better through highly efficient earthquake monitoring centers.”

Hmm, SuSE is getting more reliable and is being used in such sensitive projects. Lets see.

June 2, 2006


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A Psychology’s from california Univ says,

“Many users have half a dozen passwords to remember. That’s why the most common password is ‘password.’ The usual solution is to write it down. But how secure is that?”

“Fingerprints and retina scans are expensive.”

“When you ask the typical user if they are interested in recording their fingerprints or retina, they squirm.”

“Memory is affected by many things including age and gender but one key is practice.”

i have got this from article

well , Novell is providing solution to this by offering CASA!!!!

Novell is bringing up something called CASA(Common Authentication Service Adapter). It is same as the single signon only. But for the linux environment. I think Novell is the first organization to provide this feature in Linux platform. Once you have installed then keep forgetting your password your CASA daemon will take care for your password. This works for groupwise client by default. If you want your novell client to have this feature you need to install novell-ncl-autologin rpms.

Other application should be ported to use this feature. That is not going to take much time because this is opensource(?). I am not sure novell make this as opensource. Mostly not but atleast it should release some API to use this feature in other application. If in that case it is going to be a hit or else i dont think.

Once you logined as proper user as first time it start observing your password and in the next time you dont see any dialog box for entering passwords. Straigtaway it goes inside. It keeps your password until the CASA daemon restarted. Even if you switch of your system you dont loose anything.

But i am little afraid. I set all the password in the CASA daemon for a long time and moreover forgot all those passwords, and i gave my username and password to my friend for some purpose and mistakenly he stopped that. What will happen? will i loose all my password? may be this is suitable for home purpose. But for network administrator and others cant just simply depend on this. Atleast not me. I am not sure how this is going to be used.

lets see the the next release.

Cube Your Image

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U have got in to that. You can add your photo too. Can u see a head line on the right side “Cubes”? Just click the link “one more photo” and give the static URL of your photo. Something from flicker for exmple, and just press enter. Now you see your face too is getting rotated.

You want to have this for your site. This is openSource too. You can use it.
Just click here.
No need of extra help. Just read the document provided by him. But it seems there is a bug. If you make this with some style it does not work. Suppose You make this with some align,center property then it does not work(it works but so bad). So this rotating cube can appear only on left most place of your browser.
Just click the loaded image link on the right. It should get removed. But i have a problem in removing elements from array. So u dont get proper output. slice method is not working properly.I have tried splice too. well that is ok I do it latter.

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