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May 14, 2006

MS-DOG and Windoze

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I have seen a some funny thing on net. Just i was searching for dmalloc function for some clarrification. So i have reached it’s home page . ( http://dmalloc.com ). There i have seen these following lines….

The library is reasonably portable having been run successfully on at least the following operating systems: AIX, BSD/OS, DG/UX, Free/Net/OpenBSD, GNU/Hurd, HPUX, Irix, Linux, MS-DOG , NeXT, OSF, SCO, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, Unixware, Windoze , and even Unicos on a Cray T3E. It also provides support for the debugging of threaded programs.

And more over i have another doubt. what is the difference between GNU/Hurd and Linux. As for i know Richerd Stallmen want to develope a complete free Operation system. But even he said it is very difficult and will take more time and hard to debug that kernal code. So he was developing supporting utilities like Emacs,Gcc and many more. He called that project as GNU/HURD. At that time our Linus had written that kernel code and incorporated GPL licence for that. Then it was keep growing.

So how come this GNU/HURD and Linux will be different? or this is just the author of this site made for fun or it is something seriously different that i couldn’t understand the relation between the GNU/HURD and Linux 😦 (:-?

comments are always welcome


  1. GNU/Hurd is undoubtedly different from Linux. Check out the following links for more information:


    Comment by ne0 — May 23, 2007 @ 6:37 am

  2. Thanks dude for the link. I was not great linux user that time (1 year back) i was just started using it.
    I guess now i fell in love with it.

    Comment by skalyanasundaram — May 23, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

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