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April 21, 2006

My Adventure on 12th april of 2006

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It was the day when the kannada superstar Rajkumar passed away. Unfortunately I have reserved my ticket to my home town on the same day.

In the afternoon, received the news that rajkumar died and commotion started on those places actually where I have to go.

I did not drop my idea to go home. I was sure that buses will be going; at least the ksrtc buses (run by Karnataka govt) will be running. So somehow I have to go to the center of the city. So I had gone to nearest bus stand and ask for a bus which goes to majestic but I was told that none of the buses were going and I have to go on my own risk.

So I went to Madiwala. There I can get some Tamilnadu buses to majestic. But after going there I found due to commotion all tamilnadu bus services were stopped.

Now there is no way to go. Then I found two more guys they were also searching for buses to go to majestic so I took them as my companions and we took an auto to majestic. But even the auto driver was not ready to come to that exact place. He agreed to drop us before some around one and half kilometers. So we too agreed.

We started going………..

After some time we found there was dead silence on the road and none of the shops were opened and nobody was on the road on the other days it would be with heavy traffic. I have to mention that there was no ATM center opened and also I had little small amount in hand. That will not be sufficient to come back incase of some problem 🙂

On some road there was a rally of 40-50 persons was going, slowly we had crossed that rally and just after that one more auto was there in that people were there with rods and sticks and they were shouting at us to stop( did not understand what exactly they said). Suddenly our auto driver started flying (almost). After a long distance he stoped and told us to get down there were few guys waiting for the bus. He told us we can get bus there and he want to go back to his place, and we did not agree with him and we asked for the place where he initially agreed to drop. So he was unwillingly started going there. After that there was no problem.

So from that place we started walking with fear to bus stand. Inside those streets some pujas were going for rajkumar and here and there few police mans. In few places people burning something and I was expecting I need to run. But nothing happened like that.

Finally we reached the bus stand somehow, and the bus also had come and the bus was diverted three times by police before going out the city.

Who are those two guys? I don’t know one guy is Ashok and working for IBM that much I know.


April 20, 2006


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Finally i have come up with my own blog. Initially i thought why i need a blog. Moreover i should be carefull for the content which i post, becaz may be it will be read by many very important people like u, and latter point of time i was inspired by one of my friend. And finally have come here.

So my thought is that this blog will not be like telling my own story or daily happenings. Here i would love to have some tech pieces whatever i have come across and my interest..and so on

lets see, where it goes…

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